Phil Covarrubias is a proven conservative leader who has never been afraid to stand up to the establishment in order to fight for the people he represents.


During his time as a State Representative, Phil was known as a "true citizen legislator" and someone who listened to the people over lobbyists. Read about where Phil stands on the issues.



Phil believes taxpayer money should follow the child to the school of their choice. Parents should always be the main driver of their children's education. Phil would work with his colleagues to ensure Title I monies for our most vulnerable students follows the child to improve reading, writing and math skills in the schools that are most effective.

Phil has fought for career and technical education throughout his career. As a blue collar worker, Phil knows that not every child wants to go to college. Career and technical education provides a middle class wage without the student debt. Phil will continue to ensure career and technical education options are promoted and have the resources they need to train the next generation.



Phil has worked in the electric, oil and gas industry his entire career and has a deep understanding of how energy is made used and distributed at the local, national and global level. As a legislator, Phil filibustered the passage of a bill that would have crippled the oil and gas industry in the state, resulting in its failing.

Phil will continue to fight for jobs in the energy sector and promote policies that reduce the cost of heating homes or fueling up the car.

Safe Communities

Keeping our communities safe and free from crime is the government's first responsibility. Destructive policies like defund the police and bail reform are causing record breaking levels of crime across the country. Harris County has seen a major increase in violent crime since bail reform went into place. In Congress, Phil will fight for policies that ensure communities are safe and that police have the resources they need to do their jobs.


Borders and Immigration

Texans have been told for decades it is impossible to stop illegal immigration at the border and that they just have to deal with the consequences. Policies like Stay in Mexico, building the border wall, and enforcing immigration laws on the books resulted in some of the lowest illegal immigration in years from 2017-2020. As a Congressman, Phil would promote the reinstatement of these policies which reduced illegal immigration, drug trafficking and sex trafficking. The current system is destroying America's sovereignty and can be fixed.


While President Biden brags about the economy, everyday Americans understand inflation, unemployment, underemployment, and energy costs are squeezing their pocketbooks with no end in sight. Congress needs to get America's financial house in order by balancing the budget, stop printing money, and reducing the deficit. Phil will work to reduce regulations to create jobs and promote living within our means to reduce inflation.


Freedom and Rights

The great American experiment is in more danger of failing today then any time in our history. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans experienced totalitarianism and tyranny and understood that it can happen here. Phil will always fight for your God-given natural rights and call-out tyranny and totalitarian policies wherever he sees them. We are on our last stand, in the last bastion of freedom in one of the last free state's in America.